Medical issues, please help!

Hello Professor Brian. I'm 40 years old, my cycle has become irregular in the last two years. Over the last two months I have started to feel mild hot flashes only at night and I need the toilet 3 to 4 times but no hurry or incontinence, while during the day I'm fine. Recently I have whitish, itchy vaginal discharge and I pass lots of wind. I have not seen my cycle for two months now. Are these menpause symptoms? My hormonal test before 8 months is as follows - FSH 3 IU/L, LH 4IU/L, Testosterone 0.2 nmol/l, progstrone 10 nmol/l , free Androgn index 0.4%, SHBG 47 nmol/l,with normal Thyroid fuction.

Our Expert's Answer

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Your symptoms suggest a hormone imbalance however your blood test results are not indicative of the menopause.  Temporary hormonal support may be beneficial and I would advise you to consult a Consultant Gynaecologist to discuss your hormone results and symptoms.