Low ovarian reserve

Hello Professor, I came to you approximately 7 years ago and was advised to adopt due to my blocked tubes, high fsh levels and low ovarian reserve. I am now in my forties and following tubal surgery became pregnant without any clomid/drugs just over a year ago. Can you tell me if you can use the eggs I produce naturally (without any drugs), and then just try IVF this way? Sofia.

Our Expert's Answer

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Natural cycle IVF is practised in some centres in the UK however it has a very low success rate.  The fact you had a natural conception is promising with regards to tubal function, egg and sperm quality, fertilisation and implantation.  Natural cycle IVF is unlikely to do better than standard IVF.  I would advise an AMH test to check your ovarian reserve and you may consider ovulation induction as an alternative, less invasive treatment.