Hi, this is a bit long winded but, I had a molar pregnancy 20 yrs ago when I was 15, then 5 yrs after that I had an ectopic pregnancy and had my right tube removed, then another three years after that another ectopic in other tube that was also removed. After the second one I was told these was due to clymida! I have no tubes at all so told IVF is the only way of conceiving. We have now had four IVF cycles which have failed! But two of those cycles I donated eggs and the recipients fell pregnant! Could there be any other problems I could have that could be causing treatment to fail for me?

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It is possible that you may have an element of implantation failure from uterine factors however as the recipients of your eggs were successful the input from your partner’s sperm to the embryos cannot be ruled out. I would advise you to obtain a copy of all your results and then have a consultation with one of our doctors who would be able to advise you further.