Fostimon Injections

I have always had irregular periods and have been recently diganosed with PCOS. I tend to have a period every three months. I wanted to know if I actually release an egg when I have my period? Also, I have had 5 cycles of clomid and took 150mg at the highest dose. I did not respond well to clomid, I produced a 19mm follicule once whilst on clomid but did not fall pregnant. I have now been advised to take the Fostimon injections, if clomid did not work for me, how can fostimon be any different? If all the Fostimon injections will be doing is releasing an egg should I simply keep trying naturally?

Our Expert's Answer

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In your situation with a limited response to Clomid, it is reasonable to try ovulation induction using Fostimon.  Fostimon works in a different way to Clomid as Fostimon works directly on the ovaries to stimulates egg production whereas Clomid increases the level of hormones in your body that control egg development.  As you have PCOS with irregular periods you are less likely to ovulate without treatment but it may happen occasionally so you should continue to try naturally.