I am 37 and have uterine fibroids
After trying to conceive for over two years we have been referred for ivf.
We have been told that fibroids shouldn’t be an issue however on a previous occasion when my gynaecologist wanted to see my ovaries they couldn’t be seen on ultrasound both on the tummy and vaginal because of the fibroids so I needed a mri scan to confirm that my ovaries were fine.
Will I be able to go ahead with ivf in particularly egg retrieval if my ovaries can’t be seen on ultra sound.
Many many thanks for your reply

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It is a rather rare situation and you are absolutely right, if there is difficult access to your ovaries by vaginal ultrasound scan, it will be difficult to collect eggs. It is possible to do via laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), your local NHS clinic usually have access to theatre but special expertise would be required. You may also benefit from visiting a fibroid centre to see if you wood benefit from fibroid reduction procedure before IVF.