Fallopian Tubes Blocked

I am due to have a lap dye procedure and consultant has said if my tubes are blocked or damaged they will remove them whilst they are doing this procedure. I am very confused and do not know whether to cancel as if my tubes are removed then my only option ever is IVF and I can only afford one treatment. Can IVF work without having my tubes removed?

Our Expert's Answer

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The fallopian tube is the place where the sperm and egg meet to form the embryo. The tube provides nourishment for the early embryo and transports it into the womb. It has been shown that if fallopian tubes are swollen with fluid (called a hydrosalpinx) then the fluid within the tube can affect the chances of IVF being succesful.

In these cases removing the tube(s) is sometimes suggested. Even without the fluid, damaged tubes can be associated with ectopic pregnancies following IVF. However, IVF can work when damaged tubes are not removed. Hope this helps.