Failed IVF twice with very low quality eggs

I have been failed twice with IVF. I had 3 eggs collected first time and 5 eggs second time. I am a 28 year old women. I have a undiagnosed PCOS. I never have periods of my own as I need to take medicine to have a monthly cycle or wait 4 to 5 month for my own. I had two time Laproscopy including ovarian drilling. I am losing hope now as I have been receiving treatment for the last 4 years via NHS. I have been married for 8 years now. Can you please help me?

Our Expert's Answer

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I am sure we can help. By targeting your PCOS and planning optimal stimulation cycle we may be able to help you. Please try to get copies of notes from previous treatments and IVF cycles. We would love to see you to talk through your story.