Clomid and excessive bleeding

Hi. I am patient at the clinic, with dr. Peter. I did had a question and call clinic, talked to the nurse but she couldnt help me. I am hoping that maybe dr. Peter or anybody else could because I am concerned and confused about it. Last time I seen dr. we agreed to wait for my next cycle to start clomid , injection and then iui treatment. It was June. On the 12/07 I finally started period but was bleeding for 9 days till 20/07. (I had been taking clomid before for 3 months with no results) I thought its normal spotting few more days since its my 1st month without medication. I have decided that will start clomid from next cycle. Sp on 14/08 my period start. I took clomid from day 2nd till 6th of my cycle. Today is 24/08 (11days) and I am still spotting which makes me very worry. I dont know if its normal? I would very appreciate an answer from dr or nurse.

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