Dear Professor Brian, I have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months with no success, if I were to take Chlomid 'before' having diagnostic tests such as hysteroscopy etc, would the medication cause any harm if my tubes were blocked? (therefore no point in taking chlomid) I know I should only take prescribed medication by a Consultant but Chlomid is available over the internet, it has worked for my friend and so it's tempting to take some rather than wait another 12 months for the NHS to prescribe... If I were to take them, could the medication do any permanent damage?

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Firstly I would strongly advise you not to purchase prescribed medication over the internet.  In some patients using Clomid no benefit is seen although reported side effects are rare. However, it is very important in the first cycle that the response to the drug is monitored by ultrasound.  Some patients will have an excessive response to the drug with multiple follicles developing and this increases the chance of a multiple pregnancy.