Beyond frustrated, fluid in uterus

I'm beyond devastated and frustrated. I've had 2 failed donor egg IVF cycles owed I think mostly to the fact that whenever I my endometrium is prepared I always get a large buildup of fluid which I know is really bad news. In addition to this my lining never gets very thick. In the last cycle it was just 7mm. I have Turners Syndrome so doing a natural cycle isn't an option. I have been taking Prempak 2mg for nearly a year in the hope that this would help me respond better to the hormones but I had a mid-cycle scan recently which showed that I was still developing fluid. In addition to this I have also had a Hysteroscopy with NAD. I am just at a total loss as nobody seems to want to give me a straight answer about this issue and just seem interested in my money. Is there simply nothing that can be done? What sort of a chance do I have if this problem persists? Frustratingly I have 6 frozen blastocysts which I am desperate to try with but it just seems like I'm setting myself up for more devastation and disappointment. Am I wasting my time? Do I have much chance at all of rectifying this and having success. I would greatly appreciate any input as I'm tearing my hair out right now.

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Yes something can be done but to give you the correct advice you would need to be seen here with all copies of your previous results and investigations.