Trying for child no 3

I have just turned 45 with an AMH of 24.5 and an FSH of 9.5. I have a 6 year old and 2 year old conceived through ICSI / IMSI and we have male factor antibody issues - I would have polycystic tendencies and produce a high no of eggs. I am thinking of doing one more cycle of IMSI – would this be sensible? And what would be the chance of achieving a pregnancy with my own eggs?

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IVF success using your own eggs at 45 is very unlikely and to date we do not have a live birth from IVF treatment for anyone over the age of 44 using their own eggs. However, there are reports of 45 year old women having success with IVF/ICSI and your hormone levels are very good so if you wanted a further attempt you could try but the chance of success will be really low. Alternatively you could have treatment using an egg donor which has a high chance of success.