Low progesterone on clomid....what next?

Advice please... I'm 30, diagnosed with mild endometriosis and failed to concieve after 9 months - I had only 3 temp shifts on charting and egg on clearblue monitor, with luteal phases of 11dpo. I was started on 50mg clomid for 3 months and day 21 progesterones were 27 month 1 and 2 but had egg on monitor every month with 11dpo luteal phase. I was told this was borderline for ovulation and started on 100mg and discharged back to GP but now my day 21 is only 20! Am I definately not ovulating with those progesterone levels? What can I do next? Do you think I should stop clomid or do I need progesterone supplements? Many thanks, Emma

Our Expert's Answer

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From the information you have given me you have a short luteal phase and low progesterone levels which could suggest a luteal phase defect (LPD).  I would recommend ovulation induction (Clomid and hCG) and intrauterine insemination with ultrasound control.  I would also advise blood tests to determine your thyroid function and prolactin levels.