Is it possible?

I have high fsh and low amh, I can't remember the exact numbers. My Husband has poor motility but has show an improvement recently. An aneuploidy test showed results within a normal parameter. We've had three failed icsi cycles and most recently our 4th cycle, a miscarriage at 5.5weeks. I achieve between 7-11 eggs of which usually 85-95% are mature. Typically we see most of these fertilise and all make it to day 3. From then until day 5 we loose a majority and usually only have one/two embryos left to transfer. We achieved a hatching blastocyst for our pregnancy.
What future steps would you now recommend?

Our Expert's Answer

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It must have been very stressful to go through so many cycles and especially heart-breaking to experience the miscarriage.

It's certainly positive that so many eggs were collected. The poor embryo progression suggests sperm factor problem. You have mentioned aneuploidy testing and we would recommend a sperm DNA fragmentation test as it would identify any significant DNA fragmentation problems. Healthy lifestyle, normal weight, not smoking and use of fertility multivitamin (Androferti or Wellman Conception) may also help.

Without knowing your age, we would recommend not to give up as achieving 11 eggs, hatching blastocyst and a pregnancy is definitely promising.

It is also very important to review all the details of your medical history and IVF cycles and we would very much like to see you here at Manchester Fertility even for a second opinion at a consultation.