Gap after loss

I did IVF last year and got pregnant at first attempt. My water broke at 19 weeks and had emergency C-section at 26 weeks to deliver baby. Baby had immature lungs and after two months of NICU stay baby passed away last month.
We have 5 frozen embryos with you. My question is how long we have to wait to get pregnant again? And what about the risk of having same prob again in next pregnancy? Is there any prevention method?

Our Expert's Answer

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We're really sorry sorry to hear of your news that your baby died last month. You both must be devastated and it is always sensible to wait for a period of time after such a loss, before moving forward for another pregnancy.

There are steps to be taken to prevent this happening again and we do need to discuss these in the clinic with you when you are ready. Please do make an appointment to see our medical director, Dr David Polson, and we can discuss the way forward to help you have a successful outcome next time.