Do I have a chance?

After an ever-lasting miscarriage last year aged 34 I had fertility tests and have discovered I have an FSH of 15.3 (which has subsequently gone down to 12, 10 and 9) AMH of 4.5 and Antral Follicle Count of 8. I have now turned 35 and my gynaecologist suggested going straight to donor eggs or adoption as he thinks its not worth putting myself through IVF when I don't really have a chance. However I have read success stories of people with worse results than mine. I just wondered whether you think I would have a chance, and what would be the best action for me?

Our Expert's Answer

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FSH levels are very variable from month to month whereas AMH values, in most cases, stay stable for about a year. From your results you have a low ovarian reserve and although egg donation will give you a better chance of success you can always try with your own eggs. Although you have a low number of eggs the quality may be good as you are still young.