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Hi, I am 39, turn 40 in April. My baby died after 27 days of her birth, in August 2014. I want to conceive again, but have not been successful after trying for 3 months. My fsh level is 8.1. Could you please suggest what I should do and if 8.1 fsh is OK to conceive a baby naturally.

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I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I would recommend a quick fertility MOT with ultrasound scan and semen analysis. It is important to check whether your fallopian tubes have been damaged (like during complicated caesarean section or infection). You should also check if you are ovulating using a home ovulation predictor kit. If all the findings are normal I would recommend you to try for another 3 months. Fertility multivitamins are advised for both of you. After 3 months you may want to see a fertility expert to discuss treatment with IVF.