Chances of natural conception

Dear Brian, my husband and I have recently started on the infertility service pathway after trying to become pregnant for about 12 months (I'm 35 and my husband is 34). My husband has given two semen samples and both analyses have reported 1% morphology. One of the samples also showed low motility but the other one was normal. I have had blood tests, an ultrasound and an HSG scan which have all been normal. With such a long NHS waiting list, our next appointment isn't until September. However, we had an appointment with a nurse specialist who told us that there is still a chance we might become pregnant in the meantime. My question is whether, in your opinion, we have any realistic chance of becoming pregnant if my husband has only 1% morphology? And also, is there anything you can do to improve morphology (my husband is fit, healthy, rarely drinks, doesn't smoke but is stressed a lot as the result of a demanding job)? There is so much information on the internet that it makes it difficult to know what is true and what is just hearsay. Thank you

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From the information you have provided it is possible that you could conceive naturally.  Your husband’s semen analysis result of 1% normal morphology may have an effect on your chance to conceive naturally but there will always be cases like yours when natural conception does occur. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can be done to improve sperm morphology but his healthy lifestyle will have a positive effect on the quality of his sperm.