Can I get pregnant naturally at my age and if not what are my chances of getting pregnant via IVF?

I had my last child 20 years ago. My husband is 67, I am 45. We both want a child again. I saw my menses last in 2010. I have never used the pill but I have thyroid deficiency and hormonal imbalance. Can I get pregnant naturally? What are my chances?

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Your chances are extremely limited using your own eggs. There are some women who can manage to naturally conceive at your age but it is extremely rare to have a live birth. Hormone tests and an ultrasound scan are required to identify your “hormonal imbalance” and your egg reserve. Sometimes regular periods can be achieved and with spontaneous ovulation there is a chance. If no pregnancy was achieved for 20 years there may be other factors such as sperm quality or damaged fallopian tubes. However the main factor is egg quality which results in low embryo quality, pregnancy rate and high miscarriage rate through chromosomal abnormalities. Your best chance of having a baby is to use donor eggs.