AMH 1.1, but this is my only poor test result. What will happen now?

I am 38 (39 in November) and we are trying for our first child. All my tests are perfectly fine. Low FSH (about 6, from memory), Progesterone of 41. Everything else fine. Except for low AMH of 1.1. I believe I have a cyst of 1.7cm on my left ovary, but no cause for concern. I didn't listen well enough to my follicle count. I think it was 4 and 5, but I can't be sure. I was just trying not to cry at this point.

I have been referred on the NHS the The Priory in Birmingham, but I have to wait 2 or 3 months until I get an appointment there. I am panicking as my consultant said they might not do IVF with an AMH that low, but that is my only bad score. I desperately want my own children, with my wonderful partner. I do not want to use donor eggs. I cannot afford to pay for private treatment. Am I going to be fighting a losing battle?

Our Expert's Answer

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AMH, FSH and AFC (antral follicle count) are different tests to measure the same. They are not always consistent and do not indicate chances of natural conception. However they are good indicators of IVF pregnancy chances. It is recommended that if you are trying for over 6 months without success, you should complete investigations (semen analysis), fallopian tube testing and a proper medical history. If IVF treatment is indicated, it should be started as soon as possible as your IVF chances may decline in the next 24 months. These investigations and the IVF treatment may be quite time consuming in the NHS so you may want to consider a Fertility MOT.