16 months trying for baby # 2

Hi me and my husband have been trying for second baby for 16 months now, I am 34 nearly 35! We have had various tests including hsg, day 3 bloods, , day 21, amh and husbands sperm analysis. All tests we have been told are ok, husbands sperm above average and I have clear tubes and ovulate on cycle day 14 out of 29 day cycle. My fsh is 6 which is good I believe but my amh was only 9 pmols which is just satisfactory but I think low for my age? I have a 2.5 year old son and had one miscarriage 6 months before I got pregnant with him! Is natural conception unlikely or likely to take a little longer?

Our Expert's Answer

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As all your test results are normal then there is no need to do any more.  You may conceive in the next few months.  If you don’t have any success when you have been trying for 24 months then you may need to consider IVF treatment.