Very low AMH

I am 42 years old with an AMH of 1.7 pmol/l. I am still ovulating, have regular cycles and all other hormone tests i.e. Prolactin, FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Progesterone etc are all normal. I was told the best chance for me is IVF. Would IUI on a natural cycle be a waste of time for me with these results or is there still a good chance I could get pregnant through IUI/donor insemination?

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To see what your chance would be with IVF you need an ultrasound scan to measure your antral follicle count. In case of low number of astral follicles (<4), low dose, modified natural IVF is recommended whereas higher count can respond to intensive, high dose IVF and this provides a better chance of success. Intrauterine insemination gives very low chances of conception in your age group.