Unexplained Secondary Fertility

I conceived my son, naturally, within a week or so of coming off the pill over 5 years ago. I have now been trying to conceive again for 4 years without success. We have had a failed IUI and 3 failed IVF attempts, and trying naturally in between. I have had many tests including a hysterosalpingogram and numerous blood tests. Nothing has shown a problem. I am also now using the DuoFertility monitor to chart my basal body temperature. It indicates I am ovulating normally. My husband's tests have also come up normal. Is there anything else or more tests that can be done? For instance, I have heard that a woman's womb can become hostile to sperm after a first child. Do you have any suggestions?

Our Expert's Answer

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From the information you have provided there is nothing to suggest that uterine hostility is a factor.  You have not mentioned how old you are as this could be playing a part in your lack of success.  There may be other treatments to try and I would suggest you discuss this with a fertility doctor.