Unexplained Infertility

I'm 31 years old with a two year unexplained infertility. The only thing that was found from all the tests was that my husband's morphology rate was around 95% but was told that wouldn't stop me getting pregnant. What kind of treatment options would you recommend?

Our Expert's Answer

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Your question is an interesting one.  At Manchester Fertility we would not be concerned if your husband’s semen analysis shows 95% of his sperm have a slight abnormality in their shape.  The test performed in the laboratory at Manchester Fertility use a very strict method to assess morphology and the majority of semen analysis performed show results similar to your husband’s.  If this is the only parameter of his semen analysis that is reduced I would recommend IUI or IVF if you wish to have some form of assisted conception treatment.  However, if any of the other parameters in his samples, such as count or motility,  are low then I think ICSI would be more appropriate.