Shortening Menstrual Cycle

I'm 35 and have been trying to conceive 2nd child for 18 months, I have had 2 early miscarriages in that time. My cycles have been getting shorter and shorter gradually. They used to be around 28 days, but last two cycles have been 22 days. I ovulate around day 9 or 10. I've read this can been a sign of low egg quality, but my GP wants me to wait another 6 months before any testing. I'm worried I'm running out of time.

Our Expert's Answer

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There is no clear link between shorter cycles and low egg quality. The advice you have received from your GP is good and you should carry on trying. If you wish to have some investigations  I would advise a day 21 progesterone test ( 7 days after ovulation) to assess if you have any luteal phase insufficiency and an AMH test to assess your ovarian reserve.  If your luteal phase progesterone is low then you can be prescribed progesterone support.