PCOS-like ovaries

I've just completed an unsuccessful cycle of IVF/ICSI, and my consultant told me that although they don't think I have PCOS, because I have regular periods (12 a year) and have not reported any irregularity or unusual symptoms such as heavy bleeding, my pre-treatment ovary scans show that I have lots of follicles (up to 14) on each, yet I have a lower than average (but not very low) AMH score. I also have acne (since age 14) and am approaching my mid 30s. The consultant says not to worry and there's no reason not to try again, but that all she can say is that I'm a bit "pcos-like" without actually having the syndrome itself. I don't really know what to make of it, and whether this may affect future treatments. We have male factor infertility, so I'm hoping not to add a complication myself, as we already feel like we've got enough to contend with.

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The high follicle count in your ovaries should not affect your normal fertility.  You may show a good ovarian response during IVF stimulation and also you have a higher risk of developing an over response to the fertility drugs.  In your case the PCO ovaries will positively affect your IVF chances.