Nutrition phase before egg freezing cycle?

I am a 30 year old female and want to go through a cycle of social egg freezing. I am trying to decide what is the better strategy: doing it immediately over the holidays or delaying slightly to prop up my body health over the next 3 months. For context: I am living in France, which does not allow social freezing, but will get the procedure done in Germany (where I am from). I already did a cycle once last year January but only got 9 eggs. Having to go to Germany for the procedure means I have to take 2 weeks off work for this and this is usually tricky to find the timing (i have a very long hour high pressure job). It would hence be better for me personally to « get it done with » over the Christmas and New Years holidays, however, I have put my body under extreme stress in the last months (allnighters, little sleep, eating sugar and smoking under stress, going trough jet lag four times a months at least etc) and I know stress and poor diet can effect egg quality. Would you recommend me to thus delay the procedure and spend at least 3 months to eat healthy, try to sleep more etc, or do you think given my relatively young age it would still be ok to get the retrieval done now? Many thanks for your insights :)

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If you have decided to go for treatment I suppose this is what is possible in your busy life. If you have decided to delay your treatment then well done, it sounds as your very hectic, stressful life may not be the best for your fertility.

The key with egg collection that we have no reliable information about the real potential of the eggs. Therefore it is advised to maximise healthy lifestyle (definitely no smoking) for three months before egg collection.