HIV and Infertility (serodiscordant couple)

Firstly I would like to ask if there is any correlation between HIV and infertility? I have very regular cycles and ovulate on my own. Do you think I have a hostile womb or I must have my NK cells checked?

My name is Busisiwe. I am 37 years old and from South Africa. I have been classified as a Secondary Infertility and we are a Serodiscordant couple. I was diagnosed in 2002, I conceived naturally in 2004 and took ARVs for mother-to-child prevention.

My boy is healthy and negative and I've never been on any ARV treatment since the birth of my son. My CD4 count has been consistently between 600 and 800 over the years. I have been actively trying to conceive for the past five years.

I have two failed IVFs and three failed IUIs and one miscarriage. None of the fertility specialists have given a proper diagnosis other than Unexplained Infertility. These are my recent hormone testing results: E2 - 154 pmol/L FSH - 9.0 U/L LH - 4.0 U/L AMH - 2.56ng/ML, RUBELLA - POSITIVE - 339.5 IU/ML RPR (VDRL) - NEGATIVE PROLACTIN - 6.7 ng/ML CD4 - 824.

The last sperm wash results are as follows: FRESH SPERM WASHED SPERM COUNT (10/ML) 37 40 MOTILITY 65% 80% FORWARD MOVEMENT 2+ 3.

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I am very sorry to hear about your lack of success. HIV may reduce fertility; however research has produced conflicting results. There are many other possible reasons for infertility and NK cells tests are not evidence based.  I would advise you to have a proper fertility MOT. If your uterus is healthy on ultrasound I would recommend further IVF treatment.