FSH 10.8?

Hi there I have been trying to conceive for three years. Four months ago we were told our problem was male factor. My recent appointment with my NHS consultant said that it's not male problems, it's my fsh level (10.8... I'm 31yrs old, regular periods and believe im ovulating). My hsg and ultrasound came back fine but my doc wants me to have a lap (due to my having a section 11yrs ago). I'm worried that there is no point having the operation as he says we will not get NHS IVF treatment. What can be done for my fsh? If I cannot get IVF on the NHS what other treatment will he be able to offer me? Thank you

Our Expert's Answer

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All cases of male factor, tubal factor or unexplained infertility for three years the best choice of treatment is IVF. A basal FSH level over 10 will suggest a possible lower egg yield with IVF but this does not compromise fertility especially as you are only 31 years old.  However, would advise that you have IVF treatment sooner rather than later.