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Why Choose a UK Sperm Donor

19th January 2018 in Treatments

With the news that a new sperm bank is set to launch in Manchester specialising in donor sperm imported from the USA, would you choose a US or UK sperm donor to have your baby?

The new sperm bank at St Mary’s claims that all American donor sperm offered will meet the same strict regulations as UK donor sperm, including donor screening requirements, 10-family limit and traceability for donor-conceived children.

But choosing a UK sperm donor from our Semovo sperm donor bank has one big advantage compared to using imported sperm. And that is that we actually see, meet and get to know our sperm donors personally.

Personal insight for sperm donor selection

Many people who need donor sperm rely on the opinion of our team when choosing a sperm donor – it’s often when the support we provide is most valued.

When you have IVF or insemination with donor sperm, we aim to give you at last two sperm donor profiles to review, based on the sperm donor characteristics you’re looking for.

But we know it can be hard to choose a sperm donor based on profile alone, even though our sperm donor profiles are extremely detailed. Not only does each donor write a ‘pen portrait’ telling you about themselves and their families, they even include a personal goodwill message to any child you have.

So we’re always happy to help in the decision-making process by providing you with insight we’ve gained about each donor. Our Semovo team personally supports our sperm donors throughout the whole sperm donation process, that can take many months.

And as we get to know you too, you can trust us when we say we’ve found you a great sperm donor to consider for your treatment.

Sperm donor choice from all over the UK

At Manchester Fertility we don’t just offer local sperm donors. Men from all over the UK donate sperm to our Semovo sperm bank, through donation locations in Liverpool, Leeds, here at our Cheshire clinic and in Glasgow, with further sperm donor clinics planned this year.

This means we have the widest choice of health-screened, identifiable and traceable UK sperm donors for our patients, from professional executives and paramedics to students and men who are already fathers and want to help others too.

Treatment with UK donor sperm – no waiting list & treatment package

We don’t have a waiting list for UK donor sperm and offer discounted treatment plans with donor sperm, including Access Fertility’s IVF/ICSI Refund and Multicycle plans with the option of including donor sperm, and our own donor sperm insemination package.

Speak to our friendly Patient Advisors to find out more about having your baby using a donor sperm on0161 300 2737 or apply online.

You can also come and meet our team at the Fertility Show Manchester, 24-25 March at Manchester Central. We’re on stand B10 all weekend – book your tickets here.



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