Single and want a baby? We can help you today

20th November 2018 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Are you single and want a baby? Would you consider visiting an infertility clinic for help, or do you feel you may be judged for the fact that you’d like to have a family on your own?

At Manchester Fertility we’re one of the leading fertility clinics in the UK helping single women have a baby. We have donor sperm ready and waiting, all from health-screened, HFEA-registered UK donors, who donate to us and no one else.

All of our patients are treated with the personal care, empathy and attention we are known for, regardless of their circumstances. Whether you’re a couple with a diagnosed fertility problem, someone in a same-sex relationship or a single person, it doesn’t matter – you all need our help to have a baby.

So why do so many women report feeling that they’re being judged for not having a partner? That having a baby on their own is somehow taboo?

Many of the women we see who come to us to have a baby using sperm from our donors are in their 30s. They simply haven’t met the right partner to have a baby with and so afraid of leaving it too late and conscious of their age, they don’t want to risk not being able to have a child. Or, get to the point where they’re in their early 40s and the only realistic option for success is touse the eggs of a much younger egg donor – at Manchester Fertility our egg donors are all aged between 18 and 35.

Delaying having children isn’t a conscious choice many of our patients have made. No one should be judged for needing help to have a baby, no matter what the reasons.

So if you’re single and want to have a baby, please come and see our friendly team. We help many women just like you become a Mummy, and we look forward to welcoming you as you start your journey towards being a parent. Read our helpful Guide for Single Womenwhich explains your treatment options.

Remember that as you’ll be using donor sperm, you will be able to choose from our extensive bank of sperm donors and can specify physical characteristics you wish your donor to have. 

Last updated: 13th January 2020