Donor sperm available now in Manchester and Cheshire: And reasons why you may need donor sperm

22nd October 2013 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Being told that your best chance of having a child lies with using another man’s sperm can be difficult to accept. But male infertility problems are common and although the solution doesn’t always depend on donor sperm, needing to use a sperm donor is nothing to be ashamed of.

At Manchester Fertility if you need donor sperm, the good news is that we have donor sperm at our clinic in Cheshire ready for you to use immediately. There are many reasons why you may need to use a sperm donor to have your family:

  • You have a diagnosed sperm disorder which means that your sperm can’t be used successfully for IVF or ICSI procedures with your partner. ICSI is a technique which we use for many cases of male factor infertility, where a single healthy sperm is selected from your sample and injected directly into your partner’s egg to fertilise it. But you may not be producing any sperm at all, whether due to medical reasons or previous treatment which has affected your fertility such as chemotherapy, and SSR techniques are not suitable to try and retrieve sperm through surgery



  • You are a woman in a same-sex relationship and you would like to find a HFEA-registered sperm donor to help you and your partner have a child together


Whatever your circumstances or diagnosis, the good news is that at Manchester Fertility we have no waiting list for treatments using donor sperm at our clinic, whether it’s IVF or IUI with donor sperm. All of our sperm donors are men who have come to us to donate just so they can help others, and whom we get to know personally. They are all from the UK and donate regularly to us alone, and have passed the strict screening procedures we have in place for all our sperm donors before they can be accepted onto our sperm donation programme.

As all our donors are HFEA-registered, it also means that they are fully identifiable to any children you may have, if your child wishes to find out about their donor in future, which they can apply to do when they turn 18.

As someone who needs donor sperm, you can specify the characteristics you are looking for in your ideal donor such as height, eye colour, hair colour and ethnicity. We do have Asian donor sperm available and in most instances can give you at least three choices of sperm donors which meet your requirements, all of whom have written a personal note to explain to you the reasons why they are donating and a little bit about themselves.

You’ll also have the full support of our team during your treatment using donor sperm, including our counsellors who see all of our patients who need to use donor sperm and eggs to have their baby, to ensure you understand the implications of your treatment and what using a sperm donor really means for you now and in the future.

We’re highly experienced in guiding people through using donor sperm and all the treatment options available to you, so if you need our help please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will only ever receive the warmest welcome from the Manchester Fertility team and we all look forward to helping you become a family.

Last updated: 20th January 2020