Should you ever switch IVF clinics?

14th September 2013 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

At Manchester Fertility sometimes we hear from patients who are enquiring about treatment with us, when they’re already under the care of a different clinic or hospital, whether NHS or private.

Reasons for wanting to switch infertility clinics are many and varied. Often it can be because a patient is unsure and uncertain about the treatment being proposed and the costs of it, aren’t sure that the clinic they are under can provide them with the care they need or believe they have a better chance of success at a different clinic. 

Some patients don’t get a choice about where they receive treatment if they are under the care of the NHS, and as such may wish to opt for a private provider instead such as Manchester Fertility. You can actually ask for any NHS funding you are receiving for your treatment to be transferred to us. More details can be found about how to do this here.

So is it ever advisable to switch your fertility clinic to another provider? It’s so important that from the moment you begin your journey with a clinic, that you feel completely comfortable with the treatment being proposed. And that the clinic has the necessary, specialist expertise to help with your diagnosis.

If you don’t feel reassured by the treatment proposed, it is always worth asking for a more detailed explanation in a way you can understand, including a full breakdown of costs and what you’ll be expected to pay if you’re under a private clinic.

But if you still don’t feel reassured and completely happy, then it’s actually quite a simple process to switch a different infertility clinic.

We do welcome patients who have come to us from other clinics, including those who have had failed IVF cycles elsewhere. You can ask for a copy of your records and any test results from your current provider, and bring these with you when you attend for your first consultation with us.

We can then fully review your case and diagnosis, and suggest appropriate treatment. At Manchester Fertility we are known for our patient-focused approach in everything we do. We are completely transparent – all treatment plans are fully explained and costed in detail, so you exactly what your treatment will cost, what it involves and how long it will take.

Our friendly and approachable team is available to answer any questions you have, and our ‘open-door’ approach means you can always speak to a member of our team whenever you need to, even if you just need reassurance and a listening ear.

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Last updated: 20th January 2020