Planning tips and advice if you're hoping to have infertility treatment

21st December 2018 in Fertility

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Are you hoping to have a baby through infertility treatment next year? Now is the time when many couples begin to consider starting their treatment plans in the New Year. So what should you consider if you’re thinking of beginning your IVF or infertility treatment journey?

Funding your IVF cycle - NHS or private infertility treatment

Although not all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) provide the recommended cycles of IVF on the NHS, it’s important to see if you qualify for IVF in your area and how long the waiting lists are for treatment if you are eligible. If you do qualify, your CCG may agree that the funding for your IVF treatment can be redirected to a private infertility clinic such as Manchester Fertility.  Find out how to do this here.

Funding your IVF cycle – egg-sharing

If you’re not eligible for NHS IVF, you may be able to benefit from reduced-rate private IVF at £870 a cycle if you are prepared to join our successful egg-sharing programme. This is where you share half of your eggs – not being used for your own IVF treatment – to help another woman have a baby who needs a donor egg. You must be aged 18-35 to apply. Read more about egg-sharing here.

Choosing your IVF clinic

Not all IVF and private infertility clinics are the same; it’s important to do your research when considering which clinic is right for you. Is the clinic open and honest about their success rates? Do they have the right fertility experts to help you, who specialise in your condition? Do they have donor sperm and donor eggs ready for you if you need to use them to help you have a family? Can you start treatment straight away, or is there a waiting list? Read our tips on how to choose an infertility clinic.

Fertility and reproductive health tests

If you’re simply struggling to have a baby, you may not actually need IVF or infertility treatment. A good starting point is to undergo a Fertility MOT test, a series of fertility tests for both you and your partner which examine your reproductive health. These can be completed within a month. The results will tell us if there’s a medical reason why you’ve not conceived yet. Our fertility consultants can then suggest the most appropriate treatment, if necessary, for you or steps you can take to maximise your chances. Find out more about our Fertility MOT tests here.

Don’t forget that at Manchester Fertility you can visit us informally anytime. Please contact our team of Patient Advisors to book in for a tour, where you can see our new clinic and meet some of our team. We’d be happy to show you around, with no obligation. We’re also going to launch new-style open evenings in the New Year for potential patients.

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