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Movember & Mental Health: How We Support Infertile Men

17th November 2017 in Infertility

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Here’s a question for all the guys: Would you talk to your mates if you had a fertility problem?

Mental health is a big deal this Movember - one in eight men have experienced a mental health problem according to the charity, which focuses on the biggest health issues affecting men globally every year including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

The stigma that’s associated with infertility can be especially hard to cope with for a man. In a recent survey for National Fertility Awareness Week, infertile men revealed they felt ‘worthless’.

At Manchester Fertility we take positive action to ensure that men with fertility problems don’t feel this way, but instead feel fully understood and supported.

We not only provide the physical help you need to have a baby, but the mental and emotional help you need too, so you can look forward to your future together as a family.

Our initiatives include:

Free private 1-2-1 chat:If you’re worried about your fertility, come and have a chat to us in confidence. We offer free, private appointments with our Patient Advisors. It’s a non-medical appointment where we can listen to your concerns, give you reassurance and advise next steps – whether that’s a private sperm analysis fertility test or full clinical consultation for you and your partner.

Dedicated male fertility specialists:Our consultants Dr Steve Bromage and Dr Muhammad Akhtar specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of male fertility problems. They are dedicated to helping you become a father, whether you have a mild sperm problem such as a low sperm count or aren’t producing any sperm at all.

Male fertility treatments:From IVF and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection to specialist surgical sperm retrieval and treatment with UK donor sperm with no waiting list, we specialise in helping infertile men have a baby through a comprehensive range of male fertility treatments.

Support that focuses on both of you:Men going through fertility treatment can often feel excluded from the process. We make sure you’re both included in every stage and decision, providing emotional support that meets your needs every step of the way. This is especially important if you’re using donor sperm - we make sure you’re just as involved as if your own sperm was being used.

Professional counselling:Men often don’t like to talk about how they feel about fertility treatment, for fear of adding additional stress to their partner. Our professional fertility counsellors offer the impartial ‘outside’ support that you need. Counselling is included in every treatment we offer, you can choose to see our counsellors together and alone, so you’re each free to talk through your feelings in private, without fear of judgement. It’s a confidential, separate part of your fertility journey with us.

Manchester Fertility: A specialist male fertility clinic

We understand it can be daunting to take that first step to fertility help so we offer a number of different ways for you to get in touch:

 You can also read our Guide for Men to learn more about our support.

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