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  • Changing clinics and offering Intralipid?

    I'm thinking of changing my clinic. I'm currently at Liverpool Women's Hospital but just wondering if you offer Intralipid therapy at the clinic?

  • Acupuncture before IVF

    Do you recommend acupuncture before IVF and how long before a cycle should I start? Can herbs be dangerous if I want to have IVF? We have been trying for three years to get pregnant and are looking into IVF, I have already spent a lot of money on books and diets that are supposed to work and don't. And I don't know whether or not to trust acupuncture and herbs. Thanks

  • Assisted Hatching

    Do MFS ever carry out assisted hatching? What are your thoughts on this please Professor Brian? Many Thanks

  • Reproductive immunology testing

    Hi. I've now had a total of 4 blastocysts transferred - one fresh after IVF, two FETs replaced together after a medicated cycle and one FET after a natural cycle. None of these have worked and I'm wondering where I go from here. I've read about reproductive immunology testing - do you think it's now something I should consider? Thanks

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