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Ask The Expert - Egg Donation Questions

  • Coil

    Hello, I was looking to donate some of my eggs however i have the coil in at the moment and was worndering if that would effect the eggs and wether or not i would be able to donate or not. Also would i be able to get some other information about egg donation. Many thanks.

  • Eggs give away

    I have mental health problems ie ptsd and bpd which is very well managed would this in anyway stop me from donating my eggs I've been pregnant 8 times with 5 babies born...I've become pregnant within the 1st month of trying

  • Full checks

    Hi A massive worry of mine is when someone is donating their eggs do they have all sexual health tests done? Would herpes be detected for instance as I know it can lay dormant for many years if not forever and I wonder about efffecgw that could have on a pregnancy

  • Is fresh or frozen better

    Just wanted to know are fresh or frozen eggs easier and which process is quicker xx

  • menorrhagia post egg donation

    I underwent an egg donation retrieval procedure at the beginning of January. Started stim medication January 2, the retrieval was January 13. The were able to retrieve 28 eggs. I resumed taking my birth control pill on January 15. I got my first period post procedure on February 9 and it has not stopped... Is this normal? There have been a couple lighter days but most pretty heavy... I am concerne...

  • Egg donor of Chinese origin

    Hi, I would like to know if you have any egg donors who are of Chinese origin as both myself and my partner are Chinese. We are both in our 40's and have been trying to conceive for 12 months

  • Female same sex relationship

    Me and my partner are looking into having a baby but we're not sure which route to take. We want our child to be apart of both of us. How would we go about using my eggs and my partner carrying the child. How much would that cost? Thankyou

  • Donating at 50

    My friend and I are both 50. Unfortunately she was never able to conceive. I had a partial hysterectomy but still have my ovaries can I donate my eggs to her and will a Dr do it at our age.

  • Different IVF protocol, or switch to donor eggs?

    My wife and I have just experienced our 3rd failed IVF cycle, and are currently weighing up whether to try again on a different protocol ("flare"), or to look at the option of donor eggs. Up to now, we consistently get at least 1 "intermediate" grade embryo to transfer (typically grade 3, on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being top), from a relatively low number of eggs collected, on a long IVF protocol. We ...

  • Mrs Carlyle

    Is egg donation available in the UK for a 50 yr old healthy lady who hasn't started the menopause?

  • Black donor egg

    I would like to commence IVF treatment but will be needing a black/African donor egg. Please keep posted if this is available in your clinic.

  • frozen egg transfer versus fresh

    I am 44 years old and had failed IVF age 43 day two transfer with two of my own eggs. Following month I fell pregnant naturally but this ended in miscarriage. Would you recommend IVF again with my own eggs, or donor eggs. If so would you suggest fresh or frozen donor eggs ?

  • Egg donor- ethnic minority

    I am seeking an egg donor (ethnic minority) to start treatment as soon as possible. Is this possible at your Clinic please?

  • egg donation to a family member

    Is it possible for a nineteen year old woman to donate her eggs to her aunt

  • late pregnancy by ivf with egg donor

    I am 53 yrs old,I lost my only son in an accident,now I want to try for ivf with egg donor, will I get a successful result?

  • Treatment question

    Hi I am 47 with 3 children my partner is 33 and wants a baby which I would love to have with him. I had a miscarriage last year and since then my periods have been very irregular haven't had one now for 2 months. Would it be possible to have a baby with an egg donor?

  • premenopausal at 32

    Can I donate my eggs if im premenapusal at 32?

  • IVF egg donation

    I have been accepted on the NHS for IVF using egg donation, do you accept NHS funding?

  • Egg donation

    Do you have egg donors who are of Afro Caribbean or mixed race origin? And if so how long is the waiting list?

  • Egg donation

    How long do you need to be a non smoker to take part in the egg sharing scheme?

  • Low AMH, second cycle resulting in abortion

    I have an AMH of 0.65 and am aged 28. My husband also has low sperm count. During the first cycle of IVF 5 eggs were retrieved but were unsuccessful. The second cycle resulted in 4 eggs retrieved with 3 fertilised and 1 implanted. But sadly this didn't work out. What should we do next? Would it be IVF with donor eggs?

  • Egg donor and surrogate?

    Hi, my partner can't give birth anymore due to numerous complications. I want children and therefore would need an egg donor and surrogate. Is this possible?

  • Using donated embryos

    Do you use donated embryos as part of your treatments? If so, what are the prices?

  • IVF Frozen eggs

    I am undergoing IVF next month using frozen eggs. The consultant wants to transfer one embryo however I want two. I am aged 47.

  • Thinking of using an egg donor

    I'm 43 years old and having had 4 miscarriages I've now been told my best chance of having a baby is from a egg donor but not sure how to go about it and who to speak to?

  • Egg donation and IVF

    Hi.. I'm 27 years old with no previous medical problems and I'm considering the egg donation program. However I do not have children of my own yet and was wondering If my cycle of IVF was to fail, but the recipients worked what would be the situation and is that likely to happen?

  • Egg donor?

    I would like to know what my AMH level would have to be in order to become an egg donor at your clinic. Thanks, Samantha

  • Egg Sharing - can I be a donor?

    I have had epilepy since childhood, no cause found. No one else in my family has it. Can I still be a donor in your egg sharing scheme?

  • Becoming an Egg Donor

    I am interested in becoming an egg donor but have had PID in the past. Would I still be accepted?

  • Egg Donation

    Hi, I have P.C.O but not the syndrome. All blood is normal and encronaoligy normal. My AMH Level is 42.6 and I am 33 years old. Would I be able to donate my eggs or egg share and receive227 IVF to help me have a baby? I had six months of clomid but no success, please could you advise me.

  • Selling my eggs

    Does your clinic buy eggs? If I want to sell?

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