Normal AMH and FSH but few follicles at IVF

I am currently doing my first ivf round. I am 35 years with tubal blockage. My AMH is 16.4 pmo/l and my Fsh 6. I was under a long protocol with fsh 150 iu but responded slowly. My Dr increased to 175 iu after one week. I am very concerned because I only have 4 mature follicles visible at scan. My Dr decided however to do the retrieval. I am afraid ending with no embryos to transfer. Do you think that I could have more eggs retrieved? What could be the reason of this small amount of follicles taking into account that my AMH and FSh are normal? Please note that my estradiol level is 6000pmo/l

Our Expert's Answer

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I would advise a patient to proceed with an egg collection if there are 4 or more follicles.  You could obtain 6 or 7 eggs and hopefully have 1 or 2 embryos to transfer.  About 10-15% of women with supposedly good ovarian reserve, like you, will have a disappointing outcome to the drugs.  If you are not successful the next time you should have a higher dose of FSH, 300iu or 450iu and potentially a short course of treatment.