1-2% sperm morphology: ICSI or IVF?

We have started IVF treatment this week and I'm concerned that the clinic we are with have given us the wrong advice about whether we should be having ICSI or IVF. My husband has had 3 sperm samples. Each sample has had had normal numbers and motility but reduced morphology. The first 2 samples were 1% morphology and the third was 2%. We have been told that we will be having IVF and not ICSI but I'm concerned that this is the wrong treatment option given my husband's low morphology. My question is what the protocol would be at MFS with these results? As we EC is likely to be in around one week's time I would so grateful if someone was able to let me know so I can have an informed conversation with our clinic (we are currently with the NHS and have had a nightmare with them - I'm concerned that they haven't offered ICSI purely for most reasons - should this cycle fail we will be self-funding our next cycle).
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Our Expert's Answer

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I would also suggest IVF and not ICSI if the only abnormal parameter of your husband’s semen analysis was morphology. Morphology measurements are very strict and unless there are no normal forms then IVF would be the appropriate form of treatment.