Is there any chance left?

I lost a baby at 27 weeks of pregnancy because of an infection on 2009. After that I had metroragy for about 5 months (August to December 2010) when I found out that I have an uterine arterio-veinous malformation for which I suffered an aembolisation on December 2011. Now I stopped a stimulation treatment because my eggs do not grow enough - the biggest is of 5,9 mm, the other is 4,5 mm and my doctor told me it is no hope for me, only with a donated egg. My husband has no problem. I have to tell you My Anti-Mullerian Hormone is 0,12, my FSH is sometime 37, sometime is 5 and I have had the highest dose of stimulation. Please, can you tell me your authorised opinion on this matter? Thank you.

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I am sorry to hear about what you have been through and the difficult position you find yourself in.  Your hormone levels and your response to stimulation indicate that your ovarian reserve appears to be depleted and as your doctor suggested, the best chance for you will be treatment with donated eggs.