Becoming pregnant after a sterilisation

I am 32 and I was sterilised in 2005. I have two children already. My husband and I though have no children and would love one. How do we go about this? What process is more successful? What are the costs?

Our Expert's Answer

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If you have had been sterilised there are a couple of options you could consider to help you have a baby. You could try to reverse your sterilisation and this could be arranged by your GP. Alternatively you could try IVF which will bypass the blockage in your tubes. The success rates of reversal will depend on the method used in your sterilisation. Your consultant should be able to give you more information. At your age the chance of success with IVF is 40% if you reach embryo transfer. For details of the costs I would suggest you contact one of our patient advisors and they will be able to give you further details.