Trying to get pregnant

I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years, I have PCOS, I am trying for my second child, last time before I got pregnant, I had been trying for a year but was not having any luck, even booked into a fertility centre in Wallsal, had my tests done, was told due to my BMI 34.5, I couldn't get treatment from them, exactly two weeks later found out that I was expecting, now I have a BMI of 31.4, will I get any chance of treatment, my partner's sperm is good, what are my chances with getting treatment here?

Our Expert's Answer

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Firstly we would offer you treatment with a BMI of 31.4 but it is always advisable to try and reduce your BMI to under 30 before trying to conceive. If you have PCOS, you may not ovulate and you may need ovulation induction treatment. If you have ovulatory cycles and partner has good sperm quality I would recommend need IVF treatment. Chances of success with IVF depend on ovarian egg reserve and age.