Undescended testicle and delayed puberty

I had an undescended testicle when born but had operation at 3-4 years old to normalise. Due to a lot of athletics at 13-16, I was very small and delayed puberty occurred. I had a number of injections (HGH I think) and this kickstarted puberty and I grew etc at 18. However, fertility always concerned me. Not that I have tried for children, but is there anything to worry about?

Our Expert's Answer

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If you are worried about your fertility then I would advise that you to have a semen analysis and this will tell you if you are producing sperm. Your GP should be able to organise this for you. If the result shows that you are not producing sperm then further treatment with hormone injections may aid sperm production and if successful you can always have these samples frozen to preserve your fertility.