Semen analysis

Dear Brian, my partner has recently had results from semen analysis. It was his first test - and though volume and motility seemed to be fine, it showed abnormal forms of 100%. We asked for further detail but our GP could not give us any. Clearly this was very distressing - we have been told that another test needs to be done in a few weeks. Is there anything in the interim period that he should be doing to increase the possibility of improving this 100% rate? If the rate does not improve - is there anything at all that can be done? (I did get pregnant twice last year but both resulted in miscarriage extremely early on.

Our Expert's Answer

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The current method of measuring sperm morphology is done in the laboratory using a high powered microscope and looks in detail at the shape of the head, tail and middle section of the sperm.  Any slight abnormality will mean that the sperm will be recorded as abnormal.  Using these very strict methods it is usual to have very low percentage of normal sperm in a sample. The average at Manchester Fertility is about 5%.  I would advise your partner to have the repeat as arranged and see if the result changes.  If it is still 100% abnormal forms, I would recommend ICSI treatment which will aid the fertilisation of the eggs.