LH surge timing

Hello. I'm confused because I've been testing for the LH surge first thing (that's usually 6 or 7 am for me) but then read that because typically the surge starts in the early hours for most women, whilst sleeping, that it won't show up in urine till later in the day. The leaflet in the kit says to test after 10am and not the first time you go to the loo after waking up. So if I continue to do the test first thing will I miss the proper timing for IUI with frozen sperm? Should I be testing after 10 incase the hormone hasn't had time to collect in my urine earlier than that? I'm doing my first IUI next month all being well (probably with ovulation induction) but I'm worried about getting the timings right. I know that the egg doesn't last long once you ovulate which is why the timing is crucial. Thanks

Our Expert's Answer

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We advise you to use the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test which is designed to detect LH in the first urine sample of the day.  It is important that the measurement is done once a day at the same time.  Testing in the evening only causes confusion.  If you have a proper LH surge it will be detected in the early morning urine. If you are concerned and it is your first time you can also have LH monitoring by blood tests to confirm the kit is picking up the correct day.  Ovulation occurs about 38 hours after the onset of the LH surge so we inseminate the following day just before ovulation.  We have also had good results inseminating the following day just after ovulation.