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UK donor sperm available now at Manchester Fertility

27th June 2014 in Advice

Is there really a shortage of UK sperm donors? There may be in parts of the country for some fertility clinics, but there isn’t here in Cheshire at Manchester Fertility.

According to media reports, women who need donor sperm to have a baby are turning to Denmark, with Danish sperm making up a third of the total used by clinics in the UK. But why is this? Don’t fertility clinics have their own supply of donated sperm from UK donors?

Unlike us at Manchester Fertility with our Manchester Donors programme, many fertility clinics – both private and NHS - don’t have any kind of sperm donor facility. Which means they don’t have donor sperm ready for you to use and have to source this from abroad.

At Manchester Fertility we launched our sperm, egg and embryo donors programme many years ago. With demand increasing for donor sperm and eggs from our patients, we wanted to put a programme in place through which we could not only highlight the issue and encourage donation, but to ensure we always had sperm and eggs available for our patients.

Manchester Donors has since gone from strength to strength. We’re happy to say that if you need fertility treatment using donor sperm or donor eggs, we can help you immediately. We have no waiting lists, we do not source our sperm from abroad. All of our donors are known to us personally, HFEA-registered and screened and are from the UK.

As a patient you’ll be given a wide choice of donors, including ethnicity where possible, and all donors are fully-identifiable to any children you have if they wish to find out who their donor is. We’ll help you every step of the way, we can even guide you on how to tell any child you have about their conception and origins.

You do not need to live locally to us to have treatment using donor sperm or eggs. We treat many people from all over the UK and even abroad who come to us thanks to our reputation not only for excellent patient care but leading donor care. It’s why so many people who wish to donate their eggs or sperm choose to come to us.

Read more about our treatments: Donor sperm insemination, IVF with donor eggs and egg-sharing if you wish to benefit from cheaper IVF in return for donating some of your eggs.

Last updated: 20th January 2020