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UK donor eggs available now for immediate treatment

8th September 2015 in Treatments

Do you need donor eggs to have a baby? We have donor eggs available right now at our clinic in Cheshire.

You can choose your donor from our extensive donor egg bank. Simply tell us the characteristics you wish your egg donor to have – including height, hair colour, eye colour, hobbies, interests or ethnicity –and our dedicated Donation Team will match your request with our egg donors that fit.

All of our egg donors are healthy women aged 18-35 to maximise egg quality. They have all been fully health screened according to strict HFEA standards, and have donated exclusively to us either through altruistic donation, or via our egg-sharing programme in return for subsidised IVF treatment.

Many of our egg donors are women local to us in Cheshire and Manchester, who are motivated to donate to give the hope of a baby to women like you. They are all fully identifiable to children born from their eggs, and are counselled by our expert team so they understand what may happen in future if a donor-conceived person does decide to get in touch.

Once you’ve chosen your egg donor, we have some of the highest and most consistent success rates for IVF treatment with donor eggs. Currently, 43% of all women who use donated eggs from our donors achieve pregnancy, confirmed by fetal heartbeat scan, thanks to the techniques and innovations we use including EmbryoScope, Endometrial Scratching, EmbryoGlue and Blastocyst culture.

So if you need a donor egg, there’s no need to go abroad. You can have IVF treatment with donor eggs here straight away, with no waiting list, assured that both you and your egg donor will only ever receive the highest standards of care from our team. As a National Gamete Donation Trust Centre of Excellence, we’re officially recognised and awarded for the personal care we give to all of our egg and sperm donors, throughout the entire process.

If you’re interested in treatment using eggs from our donors, please book in for a private free one-to-one session with our Patient Advisors or call us direct on 0161 300 2737.

Our many years of helping people to have families with the help of our egg and sperm donors gives our team a unique understanding of the personal and sensitive nature of this type of treatment, your private free session is an opportunity for you to discuss your requirements and circumstances with us, in confidence.  

Last updated: 7th September 2015