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Thinking of going abroad for IVF with a donor egg?

16th January 2015 in IVF

Many people who need a donor egg to have a baby assume that their only option is to go abroad for IVF treatment.

This is because there is still the perception that donor eggs simply aren’t available in the UK, and that clinics that do offer donor eggs have long waiting lists.

This isn’t always the case. Whilst many private and NHS infertility clinics do operate waiting lists because they don’t have their own supply of donor eggs ready for patients, at Manchester Fertility we have donor eggs available right now.

This is thanks to the success of our egg-sharing and altruistic egg donor programme. All of our donor eggs are from women who have passed strict medical screening, they are all from the UK and they are all identifiable to any children you may have in future. 

If you need a donor egg to have a family, either because of a diagnosed condition such as premature menopause or reasons such as age-related infertility, you can start treatment with us immediately. Our dedicated egg donor team will offer you a choice of donors based on your preferences, with full donor profiles so you can understand a little more about them. Once you’ve chosen your donor, treatment cycles are carefully timed so her eggs are ready when you are. 

We have high pregnancy rates for patients using donor eggs from our donors, because we ensure that only women who have good quality eggs donate to us. We only accept women as donors who are aged 18-35, who are non-smokers and have a BMI within the normal range.

If you’d like to get started with your treatment, get in touch with us. You can come and meet our Patient Advisors for a free one-to-one appointment, and then we can start your treatment path, beginning with a consultation with one of our fertility specialists.

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Last updated: 16th January 2015