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Talking About Infertility With Family, Friends & Colleagues

18th May 2018 in Advice

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If you’re struggling with fertility problems, it can be an isolating experience – and especially challenging to broach the subject with family and friends.

Because although we’re getting better at being more open about infertility – there are chat rooms, forums, media stories and even celebrities talking about IVF now – it’s not always so easy to talk to the people closest to you.

Here’s how you can get the support you need from family, friends and colleagues, why sharing is a good thing and where to find other sources of support too:

Don’t be afraid to talk

Be open about what you’re going through - you may be surprised to find that others have been through it too. Sharing experiences will help you feel less alone and make infertility a less taboo topic.

But do be realistic

Bear in mind that not everyone will understand what you’re going through. You may even receive some well-intended – but misinformed – comments. Although you know your fertility journey inside out, it can be confusing to others. So be prepared to educate and inform, so they can relate and are in the best place to give you the support you need.

Be specific

Be specific about what support you need – remember people will want to support you but often don’t know how or are afraid of causing upset.

Get professional support

There’s also help and support from people who know exactly what you’re going through. Fertility counsellors are specially-trained in support people struggling to conceive and their guidance can be invaluable. All Manchester Fertility patients have access to counselling at all times, together with support from our compassionate clinic team. There’s also plenty of online ‘trying to conceive’ communities and forums, and also charities like Fertility Network UK.

Talk to our Patient Advisors if you need support on 0161 300 2737.

Last updated: 20th January 2020