IVF and infertility news updates: Latest breakthroughs and techniques from USA fertility conference

24th October 2013 in IVF

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What’s the latest IVF news? Are there any new infertility treatments on the horizon? Our Lead Embryologist Dr Debbie Falconer and Medical Director Dr Gidon Lieberman recently attended a major fertility conference in the USA, along with many other leading fertility experts and researchers from across the world, who gathered to share details of new infertility studies and techniques.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference discussed many new findings in overcoming infertility, including a new test to identify embryo survival rate and likelihood to implant, by analysing the amount of mitochondria within its cells.

Higher amounts of mitochondria appear to indicate the embryo is less likely to implant successfully, and it’s hoped this information will now lead to improved embryo selection techniques in infertility and IVF treatment, with clinical trials already planned.

Other updates included new fertility preservation studies and techniques for young men and women who are suffering from conditions, which could affect their fertility, such as leukemia and chemotherapy, and whether sperm counts can be improved by exercise.

Cinnamon supplements were also examined as homeopathic, natural remedy to help women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and two separate studies revealed that couples who use donor eggs to have their family often struggle with their decision about how and when to explain to their child its origins.

Many of the findings at conferences like ASRM are exciting, and increase our understanding of fertility and ways to overcome it. Treatments and techniques presented at meetings like ASRM are considered preliminary, until further studies have been conducted and the study published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

But our attendance of events such as the ASRM conference is important. It allows us to keep fully informed and up-to-date with the latest fertility breakthroughs across the globe. Ensuring we can remain at the forefront of any proven, evidence-based treatments and techniques, so we can give you the best fertility treatment science allows, when you come to us for help at our infertility clinic in Cheshire.

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