HFEA Conference 2014: News on IVF clinics and donating your eggs or sperm

10th March 2014 in News

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

The HFEA is continuing as the Government’s independent regulator of fertility treatments and services in the UK, and our Lead Embryologist Dr Debbie Falconer and Senior Andrologist Joanne Adams attend its 2014 conference, ensuring we keep abreast of latest developments.

This year’s conference was designed to help shape the HFEA’s strategy in future, uniting key people involved in the provision of fertility treatments in the UK in sharing ideas and best practice on how the HFEA can achieve its aims across patients, sperm, egg and embryo donors and the quality of its information.

Topics discussed include:

Information: What details the HFEA can give to patients or donors about clinics, to enhance existing details such as success rates which are already published on the HFEA site – whether that’s bringing in ‘ratings’ for clinics or inviting patient feedback

Donor care: The need to improve care for sperm, egg and embryo donors across clinics. At Manchester Fertility we are already widely-recognised and recommended for the excellent care we give to our donors; the HFEA wants to ensure a consistent care approach across all clinics which accept donors

Quality: Improvements are going to be made to the data the HFEA collects and how inspections of clinics take place

What all of this means to you as a patient is that as a HFEA licensed clinic, you can be confident of nothing but the best care when you join us as a one of our patients or a sperm or egg donor. We have almost 30 years of expertise in helping treat infertility in its many forms, and in helping people to have families using donor eggs or donor sperm, and this includes adhering to the HFEA’s guidelines on how we run our clinic and provide our services to patients.

We always welcome your feedback, whether you’ve had treatment with us in the past, are considering or currently undergoing it, or are one of our egg or sperm donors. If you’d like to share your experience, please email us info@manchesterfertility.com.


Last updated: 10th March 2014